Westell 7500 Port Forwarding

Here I will try to discuss the about setting up Westell 7500 Port Forwarding directly to the subject matter and see step by step I hope my article helpful. The first step is to make sure you have information about the protocol, start port, end port, and port maps.
Step by step to set up port forwarding on your Westell 7500 gateway:
  1. Open your browser and then type in the address url.
  2. Type the user name in the user name column and type a your password in password column are then click OK.
  3. Note : Please visit westell 7500 default password page if the username and password shown above did not work for you.
    westell 7500 admin login
  4. You have successfully logged on Westell 7500 Modem Router. then the window will appear as pictured below and then click on the firewall settings.
  5. westell 7500 firewall setting
  6. Will then be look like this and then click on the menu port forwarding.
  7. westell 7500 verizon port forwarding
  8. After that will appear pop up warning and then click yes.
  9. Pop up warning
  10. Click Add in the Name column to add a new port forwarding rule or service.
  11. Select the service that you want to use from the Select an existing Service. If the service forwarding or the rules you want is not available, you can add a new rule.
  12. Note: Please visit Create new Westell 7500 port forwarding rule page If the service forwarding or the rules you want is not available.
  13. Select Host or Dynamic to control how the port forwarding service is activated. Note the picture below
  14. Host or Dynamic
  15. If you selected "Host" in the previous step, select the computer on your network where this port forwarding service will be applied. You can either select the computer from the drop-down list or enter its IP address. After that click Apply look the picture below
  16. Correction again setting the rules you created, and then click close.
  17. Close configuration window to complete the Westell port forwarding setup.
Hopefully a brief tutorial on Westell 7500 Port Forwarding is useful and can be used as well as possible


Westell 7500 Admin

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Does enabling port forwarding interfere with or disable UPnp?

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